Chinese Butterfly (2-CD set)

Chinese Butterfly (2-CD set)

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With Chick's Official Signature Stamp

Special 2-CD set, Limited Supply!

Chick and Steve Gadd went into the studio with nothing but a couple ideas, and forty years of musical kinship.

You need to hear what they came out with — a nonstop musical rush, full of joy and beauty!

Barn-storming funk-based workouts, dazzling and intimate lyrical excursions and Spanish-hearted improvisations set a new standard for no-boundaries jazz. And thankfully, they caught it on tape.

Featuring six brand-new Chick tunes, plus "Chick's Chums" composed by John McLaughlin, and a phenomenal new take on the Corea classic "Return to Forever."

The great Lionel Loueke is on guitar; sax and flute courtesy of Steve Wilson, Carlitos Del Puerto on bass and Luisito Quintero on percussion. Guest vocals by none other than Philip Bailey of Earth, Wind and Fire on "Return to Forever."


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