Rhumba Flamenco

Rhumba Flamenco

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Chick's explorations of Spanish music are legendary, winning him 3 Latin Grammy Awards and earning him a Grammy award in 2020 for Best Latin Jazz Album. 

Here, in print for the first time in years, is a masterwork: Rhumba Flamenco

Brilliant takes on Paco de Lucia's "Zyriab," and his own "Anna's Tango" and "Touchstone" anchor a full-on, all-night flamenco jam, filled with virtuosity and unmistakable joy. 

Chick released this 2-CD double album on his own Stretch Records; it's available exclusively here at Chick's shop. 

The Band

Piano – Chick Corea
Bass – Carles Benavent
Drums – Tom Brechtlein
Percussion – Rubem Dantas
Saxophone, Flute – Jorge Pardo
Vocals – Gayle Moran Corea


  1. Touchstone (22:36)
  2. Blanca Con Puntillo (13:14)
  3. Zyriab (16:20)
  4. You're Everything (10:23)
  5. Mallorca (17:34)
  6. Kalimba (3:52)
  7. Alan Corda (8:53)
  8. Anna's Tango (20:10)
  9. Rhumba Flamenco (5:30)

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