The New Children's Song Book

The New Children's Song Book

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The Children's Songs are some of Chick's most performed compositions and, as a collection, one of his proudest achievements.

For the first time ever, the complete set of all 20 of Chick’s Children’s Songs is available in one songbook--beautifully printed and interspersed with Chick's creative drawings. This edition is the only edition personally overseen by Chick, with each piece written out to be played exactly how Chick intended, along with his vital performance notes on how to approach these compositions.

"Children remind us of and give us back that spirit of freedom we all so dearly want. We are all basically that free but often need the reminder."

"In that spirit, I once again invite you to take the songs, play them and play with them. Re-harmonize, improvise, orchestrate. Take a child’s approach and fool around with them. Then write some of your own." – Chick

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