Past, Present & Futures (CD) Plus Bonus CD - Chick Corea Solo Improvisations From Japan

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With Chick's Signature Stamp!  
(Plus Special Bonus CD - Chick Corea  Solo Improvisations From Japan)

Chick brought together a new trio demonstrating, once again, his ear for remarkable young musicians: with Avishai Cohen on bass and Jeff Ballard on drums, a gorgeous new sound emerged. Catch early renditions of Chick classics like "Fingerprints" and "Anna's Tango."

Ten world-class compositions written by Chick! Plus his beautiful arrangement of Fats Waller's "Jitterbug Waltz!"

"The musical concepts on Past, Present, & Futures, as played by this trio, present no comparisons to previous Corea bands, and this release contains some of the freshest and finest compositions of Corea's career. A must-have!" - AllMusic Review

Chick Corea - piano
Avishai Cohen - bass
Jeff Ballard - drums

Bonus CD!
Chick Corea Solo Improvisations From Japan (CD)

This is a true rarity: a four-song EP recorded live in Japan, featuring Chick on solo piano in pure improvisation mode. This set was never released commercially. Privately printed and only available on Chick's official webstore.

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