Rhumba Flamenco (CD)

Rhumba Flamenco (CD)

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 Chick Corea Rhumba Flamenco (2 -CDs)
With Chick's Official Signature Stamp
Special 2-CD set, Limited Supply -- Available Here Only!

Explore the origin of Chick's Flamenco heart wiith top Flamenco musicians from Paco de Lucia's Band!

Chick Corea (piano), Tom Brechtlein (drums), Jorge Pardo (saxophone/flute) Carles Benavent (bass), Rubem Dantas (percussion), and Gayle Moran Corea (vocals).

Featuring Chick's compositions: "Rhumba Flamenco," "Touchstone," "Blanca Con Puntillo," "Mallorca," "Anna's Tango" and more ...

"This music was born out of my love for great Latin music of all kinds, particularly inspired by the Flamenco music of Spain and Paco de Lucia's tremendous musical contributions and innovations. I could call it 'My Flamenco Heart.' " - Chick Corea


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