The Art of the Trio (Digital Workshop)

The Art of the Trio (Digital Workshop)

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The Art of the Trio is a 4-hour video workshop hosted by Chick Corea.

Chick breaks down the proven techniques he's developed in his Grammy-winning trios.

Here are a few of the workshop sessions included, all of which include an option for slow-motion playback:

♪ How to Listen in a Band ♪ Charts & Jamming ♪ Listening for Bass & Drums ♪ Stage Placement ♪ The Influence of Bill Evans ♪ Setting Tempo ♪ Adjusting Arrangements ♪ Balance with the Bass ♪ How to Play Chord Substitutions ♪ Judgment and Scales ♪ Comping ♪ Stagecraft ♪ Managing Time. And much more!

This workshop also includes a free PDF download of Chick Corea’s book, “A Work in Progress”, an essential part of the learning process!