A Work in Progress ... On Being a Musician

A Work in Progress ... On Being a Musician

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Chick left for us a treasure -- his "music mind!" The theory and practice exercises that go into his astounding creative output. 

This book is the result: a document of musical knowledge unlike any other. The kind of education you can only get directly from an artist of Chick's honesty and virtuosity.  

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In this book Chick answers often-asked questions: 

  • What is the single most important element in making good music?
  • How can one gain the ability to completely originate one's own music?
  • How much time and effort should go into getting a single musical product?
  • What's the best way to evaluate one's own live performance?
  • What can one do about a "difficult" audience?
  • Can others' opinions on your music serve some useful purpose?

Chick even gives a detailed description on his "preferred" way of going about learning an instrument.

All of this and MUCH more...

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Available in English and Spanish-language editions.

If choosing the E-Book version, please note you will receive the book in ePub format. 

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