Boston Three Party (CD)

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The Boston Three Party (CD)

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(as part of the Five Trio Series)

"This turned out to be one of the wilder pairings of bass and drums I've tried. Both two dear friends and ready-to-hit-it improvisers -- both with such a wide reach musically. I added some electric keyboards to this one to be able to play some of the music that Airto and I created in the first Return To Forever band. I also took this opportunity to delve into Bill Evan's repertoire by taking advantage of Eddie's 11-year stint with one of my favorite pianists of all time.

"The Performance in front of an audience including my family and high school friends in my hometown at the Berklee Performance Center was a real Boston Three party."

- Chick Corea, from the liner notes of The Boston Three Party

1. With a Song in My Heart
2. 500 Miles High
3. Waltz for Debby
4. Desafinado (Intro)
5. Desafinado
6. Sweet and Lovely
7. Sometime Ago-La Fiesta (Intro)
8. Sometime Ago-La Fiesta (Part 1)
9. Sometime Ago-La Fiesta (Part 2)

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