Chick Corea Akoustic Band - Live From The Blue Note Tokyo (CD)

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This is a rare recording of the Akoustic Band with Vinnie Colaiuta sitting in for Dave Weckl: one of the top drummers on the planet replacing another one of the top drummers on the planet for this one-off. A Japan-exclusive release, this CD is very rare to come by these days.

From Chick's famous improvisational twister "Humpty Dumpty" to the break-neck rendition of Coltrane's "Chasin' the Trane", this record shines from beginning to end with a slightly different Akoustic Band rhythmic ferocity led by Vinnie's playing and Chick's dynamic pace of improvisation. John Patitucci playing at the top of his game keeps the bottom of the trio together, aided by his own fiery solos. This stands as the trio's only recording in existence.

Here is a review from a fan:

"I think Chick went into this gig thinking, all-right, I've got the greatest drummer on the planet here next to the one I had before, let me throw out every lick I know, as fast and furious as I can dish it out and see what he does with it. Vinnie freezes in his seat sometimes with awe or maybe just mock awe out of respect, but then out of nowhere he does some unbelievable things with Chick's avalanche of licks, anticipating perfectly a zillion note run with perfectly calibrated fills and those are the moments of gold this disc is legendary for among Chick & Vinnie fans."

Full Track Listing:

1. Humpty Dumpty
2. New Waltze
3. With A Song In My Heart
4. Chasin' The Train
5. Summer Night
6. Tumba
7. Autumn Leaves