Chick Corea Elektric Band - The Future Is Now (2-CD set)

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The Elektric Band After 30 Years Of Perfection!

Led by the legendary pianist and composer Chick Corea - 27-time Grammy winner and National Endowment for the Arts Jazz Master - The Elektric Band stormed onto the jazz scene in the mid-1980s, making an immediate and lasting impact on the genre. With their electrifying performances and innovative blend of jazz fusion, the group produced a series of albums that set the bar for excellence in contemporary jazz.

Featuring a core lineup of virtuosic musicians - John Patitucci on bass, Dave Weckl on drums, Eric Marienthal on saxophone and Frank Gambale on guitar - the group created a dynamic and electrifying sound that came to define the jazz fusion style.

Compiled by Corea before his passing in February of 2021, this incredible and previously unreleased album of live recordings with the reunited original Elektric Band, was captured during tour stops in 2016-2018. Produced by Chick Corea and Bernie Kirsh, and co-produced by Dave Weckl.

Featuring liner notes from each individual band member, and descriptions of each track from Chick himself.

Here are some excerpts from Chick's song descriptions:

Got A Match? "... John and Dave are like Siamese twins, perfectly in sync. I'm the wilder one. I'll go off the cliff and leave the form, then listen to them and kind of pop back in..."

Trance Dance "... This really is trance music. The rhythm has that dramatic flamenco vibe. The whole band is really on fire..."

This is the definitive live Elektric Band record Chick put together for the world to hear -- featuring tracks spanning their decades-long discography and serving as a celebration, and a fitting closing chapter, to the band's incredible legacy.

1. Charged Particles
2. Trance Dance
3. C.T.A.
4. Jocelyn - The Commander
5. Beneath The Mask

6. Ished
7. Alan Corday
8. Johnny's Landing
9. Got A Match?