Chick Corea Rendezvous in New York (2-CD)

Chick Corea Rendezvous in New York (2-CD)

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Rendezvous in New York (2-CD Set)
Chick Corea

In celebration of his 60th birthday, legendary jazz pianist/composer Chick Corea arranged a Rendezvous in New York, bringing together world-renowned musicians from his groundbreaking past and his present ensembles in a musical reunion of unprecedented proportions. 

"The Main Joy though, was the joy of friendship in music.

"I began to reflect and measure the richness of my life in terms of the high value of the musical friendships I had. 

"After considering that, I realized that I was with out doubt, the richest person in the universe!"

Performances by: Chick and Bobby McFerrin, The Akoustic Band, Chick Corea New Trio, Chick and Gonzalo Rubalcaba, Chick and Gary Burton and more!