Children's Songs: 20 Compositions for Piano

Children's Songs: 20 Compositions for Piano

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Contains complete piano sheet music for all 20 Children's Songs.

Chick's "Children's Songs" are legendary. Originally written for solo piano and inspired by Bartók, Chick recorded the complete series for ECM in 1984. 

There's true magic in how Chick has returned to them time and again, as a duet with Gary Burton, with Return to Forever, and more, freely adapting them for each new musical context.

And he invites you to do the same:

"Children remind us of and give us back that spirit of freedom we all so dearly want. We are all basically that free but often need the reminder.

"In that spirit, I once again invite you to take the songs, play them and play with them. Re-harmonize, improvise, orchestrate. Take a child’s approach and fool around with them. Then write some of your own." – Chick

This is the first time the complete series of 20 compositions has been available as one book, with all sheet music personally overseen by Chick. 

Pick up your copy today to accept Chick's invitation to a new musical journey!

Softcover (with lay-flat binding)
65 pages

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