Crystal Silence - Chick Corea & Gary Burton (CD)

Crystal Silence - Chick Corea & Gary Burton (CD)

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Chick's 50-year musical connection with Gary Burton all began with Crystal Silence, their now-legendary piano-and-vibes session for ECM.

 "Crystal Silence is a sublime indication of what two master improvisers can do given quality raw material. Improvised music is rarely this coherent and melodic. Essential for fans of Corea, Burton, or jazz in general!"   - Allmusic

"Despite plenty of spots where Corea and Burton shine individually, it’s their empathic interaction throughout the entire album that raised the bar for all duet recordings to follow." - AllAboutJazz

Señor Mouse
Arise Her Eyes
I'm Your Pal
Desert Air
Crystal Silence
Faling Grace
Feelings and Things
Childrens Song
What Game Shall We Play Today