Dr. JOE (CD) - Chick Corea • John Patitucci • Antonio Sanchez

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Dr. Joe (CD)
Chick Corea • John Patitucci • Antonio Sanchez
Part the Five Trios series, which was a limited-run set exclusively available in Japan
Not Available Anywhere Else
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"My old Elektric Band and Akoustic Band buddy and my drummer friend whom I met and was inspired by more recently - John and Antonio - had played together several times, but this was the first time for the three of us to play together.

"I had composed Dr. JOE for Joe Henderson about five years ago, but never performed or recorded it. Joe's spirit came so alive during the recording of my song for him that I decided to dedicate the whole of this trio's project to him, in thanks for all the inspiration he's given to me."

- Chick Corea, from the liner notes of Dr. JOE