FURTHER EXPLORATIONS - Chick Corea  Paul Motian  Eddie Gomez

FURTHER EXPLORATIONS - Chick Corea Paul Motian Eddie Gomez

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Further Explorations!
How Far Can One Go?

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Bill Evans pushed the envelope of the piano trio into new unexplored realms, integrating impressionist harmony, rhythmically independent, "singing" melodic lines, plus his own creativity and beauty, including equal freedom and voice for all trio members.

With "Further Explorations," Chick, together with two of Bill Evan's former fellow explorers -- bassist Eddie Gomez and drummer Paul Motian -- combine Bill's legacy with their own creative imaginations to bring you beyond the outer limits to new vistas of musical joy with this 2 CD set - Further Explorations!

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Disc 1

  1. Peri's Scope
  2. Gloria's Step
  3. They Say That Falling in Love is Wonderful
  4. Alice in Wonderland
  5. Song No. 1
  6. Diane
  7. Off the Cuff
  8. Laurie
  9. Bill Evans
  10. Little Rootie Tootie

Disc 2

  1. Hot House
  2. Mode VI
  3. Another Tango
  4. Turn Out the Stars
  5. Rhapsody
  6. Very Early
  7. But Beautiful Pt. 1
  8. But Beautiful Pt. 2
  9. Puccini's Walk