Live in Montreux (1981) - CD

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Live in Montreux (CD)

Chick Corea • Joe Henderson • Roy Haynes • Gary Peacock

With Chick's Signature Stamp
ONLY 3 Remain

In 1981, Chick Corea had left Return to Forever behind and had become engaged in many musical projects when he had a chance to assemble what he'd later refer to as his "dream band" - saxophonist Joe Henderson, Gary Peacock on bass, and virtuoso drummer roy Haynes.

For two months they burned up the summer tour circuit with white-heat, post-bop music as exciting and challenging as any being made then or now!

Here's Chick on his collaborators:

"Joe Henderson turns anything he plays into gems -- diamonds, gold, emeralds... the music would pour forth unencumbered."

"Gary Peacock is constantly challenging, twisting standard approaches backwards and upside down and yet remaining so melodic with all of it."

"Roy Haynes is the composer's and band leader's dream musician, constantly composing as he plays what many people think of as a 'non-melodic instrument' - the drum set."

"Overall, the record is essential for fans of any and all of the four musicians involved."


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