New Music Book Bundle! Forever Songbook Vol.1 & Children’s Songs Songbook

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The Music Book Bundle Is On Sale For A Limited Time!

** Play them alone or invite an ensemble of musicians **

Chick created these Song books to inspire you!

Forever Songbook Vol. 1: Music mostly from Chick's monumental first Return to Forever album, which is still considered to be one of the most influential and important modern jazz records in music history. Includes songs such as "Crystal Silence", "500 Miles High" and "What Game Shall We Play Today" -- copied from Chick's original hand-scripted scores along with hand-written lyrics!

Children’s Songs: The complete set of all 20 of Chick’s Children’s Songs. Beautifully printed and interspersed with Chick's creative drawings. This edition is the only edition personally overseen by Chick, with each piece written out to be played exactly how Chick intended, along with his vital performance notes on how to approach these compositions. 

Here is Chick performing "What Game Shall We Play Today" from the Forever Songbook Vol.1

Immerse Yourself in Chick's Compositions In One Package!
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