Super Trio (CD)

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Never Before Released Anywhere Outside of Japan -
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Virtually unobtainable for the past two decades, Super Trio saw a brief, limited release in Japan in 2005 but never anything wider than that, and had thus become a sought-after gem among collectors and fans. After receiving numerous requests from fans asking about its availability, we are finally releasing a limited batch of this CD, available here exclusively!

Both Gadd and McBride play a significant role in the expansive discography and touring history of Chick's, but, as a trio, these three musical giants came together for one tour only to give us this brilliant recording. And the result is every bit as impressive and high-flying as you'd imagine. With Christian's composer-like mind and unbelievable precision, and Steve's ability to play, as Chick put it, "the way that all drummers want to play because it's perfect", this effort stands out amongst one of Chick's finest in his rich history of jazz trios.

This is another great effort by Chick to surround himself with just phenomenal players and great/interesting compositions. What a gift to humanity!
- Discogs, October 13, 2023

There are plenty of sparks and moments of intensity, but Super Trio is ultimately an extremely approachable album that never sacrifices its sense of adventure and complete commitment.  
- All About Jazz, May 1, 2006

"A friendly jam session - once through - no editing - real improvisation. Thanks to Steve and Christian - I'm rich in musical friendship."
- Chick Corea, 2005

Hear them jam out on Chick's biggest hits: "Humpty Dumpty", "Spain", "Matrix", "Windows" and more.


1. Humpty Dumpty
2. The One Step
3. Windows
4. Matrix
5. Quartet #2 Pt.1
6. Sicily
7. Spain

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