The Continents - Concerto for Jazz Quintet and Chamber Orchestra (CD)

The Continents - Concerto for Jazz Quintet and Chamber Orchestra (CD)

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Sealed and also with Chick's Signature Stamp

Chick Corea presents his “musical dream,” a new composition “in the spirit of Mozart” – where jazz, Latin, and classical converge into a globally inspired concerto for jazz quintet and chamber orchestra.

The Continents is performed by Corea with a hand-picked all-star orchestra including members of The Harlem Quartet and Imani Winds, among others – and conducted by Steven Mercurio at the Manhattan Center Studios in June 2011.

The second disc includes Corea’s improvised solos – and four tracks with his jazz quintet from the same sessions.

Chick Corea - piano
Tim Garland - saxophones, flute, bass clarinet
Hans Glawischnig - bass
Marcus Gilmore - drums
Steve Mercurio - conductor, chamber orchestra

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