The Enchantment - Chick Corea • Bela Fleck (CD)

The Enchantment - Chick Corea • Bela Fleck (CD)

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Chick Corea • Bela Fleck

The first piano/banjo duet album from the highly-decorated duo which jumpstarted 10+ years of subsequent tours and records together

Corea and Fleck’s performances on The Enchantment are at once unique and accessible, featuring compact arrangements of both Corea and Fleck compositions (plus the standard "Brazil"), brought to life by the duo’s near-telepathic, in-the-moment musical interplay.

With few exceptions, the compositions are merely frameworks for vast improvisation, which might be expected. But instead of setting each other up for extended solos, Corea and Fleck join together with breathtaking precision and verve, weaving and intertwining through remarkable contrapuntal excursions, only to break and meet up again in perfect sync. It's something you have to hear for yourself to believe.

"Supernatural... " - The Washington Post

Editor's note: "I saw this duo several times live and they played some of the most beautiful and accessible music I've ever heard. A groundbreaking duo and recording!"





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