The Trio Live From The Country Club (CD)

The Trio Live From The Country Club (CD)

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 The Trio Live From The
Country Club 

Chick Corea

Only One Remains

The Now He Sings, Now He Sobs Trio 14 Years Later!

Chick Corea: Piano
Miroslav Vitous: Bass
Roy Haynes: Drums

A very rare, captivating, live recording that showcases the trio's virtuosity and telepathic communication. 

Chick, Roy and Miroslav capture the essence of live jazz performance with their spontaneity and improvisational flair. Also highlighted are the trio's rendition of classic jazz standards, noting the fresh interpretations and innovative arrangements.


1. The Loop
2. Hackensack
3. So In Love
4. Piano Solo
5. Piano & Bass Duet
6. Dammit
7. Slippery When Wet
8. Waltse
9. On Green Dolphin Street

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