The Trio: Live From The Country Club (CD)

The Trio: Live From The Country Club (CD)

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The Trio: Live From The Country Club (CD)
The Now He Sings, Now He Sobs Trio 14 Years Later!
A Very Rare CD of A Monster Jazz Trio!

Chick Corea: Piano
Miroslav Vitous: Bass
Roy Haynes: Drums

Live From The Country Club is available now in limited quantities here on Chick's official store! Originally a Japanese exclusive release, this CD has been out of print for some time and is thus quite hard to get ahold of.

Showcasing the same telepathy-like chemistry and improvisational acumen which catapulted Now He Sings, Now He Sobs into legendary status, this 1982 live album proves that Chick, Roy and Miroslav hadn't lost a single step as a trio (and may have even gained one or two). Tackling both standards and originals, with a heaping dose of jaw-dropping improvisation in the mix, this offering acts as a reminder for why these three consistently rank amongst the most influential jazz trios of all time.

"When the musicianship climbs to this stellar level almost anything can happen. I started listening to 'Green Dolphin Street' first because I was overcome with curiosity on how the band would play this tune. Chick and Miroslav integrated so nicely melodically and harmonically. Roy kept the groove just perfectly to hold things all together yet provided a base of space and unlimited freedom for the piano and bass leap into the unknown. Next, I started listening from the first track -- 'The Loop' and down through the other tracks and it all had this same exemplary co-creation as a trio. Chick's solos were at a level of creativity that's hard to fathom. But what can I say, this is coming from one of greatest ground-breaking trios in jazz history!"


1. The Loop
2. Hackensack
3. So In Love
4. Piano Solo
5. Piano & Bass Duet
6. Dammit
7. Slippery When Wet
8. Waltse
9. On Green Dolphin Street

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