The Ultimate Adventure - CD

The Ultimate Adventure - CD

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With Chick's Signature Stamp

The Ultimate Adventure
is a towering musical achievement, incorporating all of Chick's improvisational gifts, compositional chops and flat-out musical fearlessness. Chick embraces North African tones and other worldly rhythms in a sound that's purely Chick. The album took 2 Grammys. To accomplish this, he brought in a band without equal:

Chick Corea – Piano, Rhodes piano, acoustic and electronic percussion, synthesizers
Steve Gadd – Drums, palmas 
Airto Moreira – Vocals, percussion 
Carles Benavent – Electric bass, palmas
Hubert Laws – Flute 
Hossam Ramzy – Percussion 
Jorge Pardo – Flute, saxophone, palmas 
Vinnie Colaiuta – Drums 
Tim Garland – Bass Clarinet, tenor saxophone 
Rubem Dantas – Percussion, palmas 
Tom Brechtlein – Drums, palmas
Frank Gambale – Acoustic guitar




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