VOYAGE - Chick Corea and Steve Kujala - LP

VOYAGE - Chick Corea and Steve Kujala - LP

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Steve Kujala is a flutist of exceptional ability known for his “bending” and other extended techniques, which immediately distinguish his sound from anyone else’s. After touring with Chick Corea in the early eighties, the two of them stepped into the studio to record Voyage.

Corea and Kujula forge an undeniably cerebral brand of magic.

This is a highlight in the Corea discography on any label and an ideal opportunity to discover, a flutist of outstanding innovation along the way!

"I personally enjoy this duet music mainly because there's a comforting absence of any forced assertion or care for style; therefore leaving an atmosphere of calm, ease and the joy of making music" - Chick Corea November 26, 1984